News from Nkurru



Hello Everybody

Hope you guys are all doing very well. It has been a while since my last post on our blog in 2019.  So I thought it would be nice to share some of the Nkurru magic again. 

As everyone knows the last year and a bit has been upside down all over the world. All of us had to get and are still getting use to what we call the new normal, it is tough and not easy but we are getting there. A Simple thing like shaking your hand when you arrive at Nkurru’s front door on a Friday. Everyone is like hmmmm should I or shouldn’t I? We are all adapting and life goes on. Things at Nkurru is going really well and all our guests are coming every week. The staff are doing well and keeping the new protocols in place. Making sure the lodge is properly sanitised every week 🙂 I must applaud the staff for wearing their masks 24/7.

During Lockdown we were quite busy with fixing up things and cleaning getting ready for when we could open up again. It is so true that buildings closed up without people deteriorate quicker then a busy lodge. We could clearly see that during lockdown. We are slowly getting there to get things in tip top shape again.

Out in the bush its always going well. Savannah the cheetah had 4 cubs during lockdown and she is a great mother. Unfortunately she lost one a while back, we are not sure what happened. We are seeing her on a regular basis so keeping track of her pretty well. The 2 packs of dogs are also doing well even though the numbers are not high. It is actually better for now as the impala and wildebeest numbers are growing again. We do not see the dogs as often as we would like but appreciate it even more now when we do. Lion numbers are doing well with 43 lion on the reserve. And 4 small cubs in the South West of the Park from the Jamala pride.

The Kwandwe and Monomogholo coalition killed one of the Addo males a while back, so lots happening in the lion world. The Monomogholo male is so full of himself that he forced a plane to do a short landing after a few fly by’s by the Pilot. He could land safely but would have liked a little longer runway 🙂

Madikwe had very good rains this last season with all the dams filling up nicely. And the bush has a lot of food to carry the animals through winter. Thlou dam is getting lots of action again as we are heading into winter now. Make sure to bring lots of warm stuff as I think we will have a pretty cold winter. The Nkurru waterhole is also making sure as always to add to all the beautiful memories guests already have of this magical place. 

As always we look forward to hosting everyone again.

Stay safe and healthy

The Nkurru Team