Nkurru Update




Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well.

In Madikwe and at Nkurru it is going very well. Madikwe looks great with lots and lots of grass after all the rain we had. It makes game viewing a bit more difficult with hours of driving and not seeing much sometimes. But hey we rather take that then to suffer without grass and water. The dams are drying up again slowly and I can all ready see more activity at the Nkurru waterhole.

The safaris at Nkurru is still great, Madikwe is such a beautiful reserve with such diversity with the landscapes.

The lions that we see on a regular basis The Jamala pride and Chimbro males are doing great with the new editions to the pride also growing up very fast. They have been hanging around Tau dam and east of the dam towards Ophir plains. It is so awesome driving along with quails flying out of the long grass. We haven’t had that for a very long time. Yes it does makes tracking way more difficult but it is fine 🙂

We never complain about rain.



We have had some unusual sightings as well like serval and great brown hyena sightings. This brown hyena waited his chance when the lioness left her cubs and meal to go for a drink and he was in and out like a flash taking what was left over of the zebra carcass.

The pack of wild dogs are doing well they are still 14 strong with the Alpha female being heavily pregnant we are hoping for puppies soon, will def. keep you posted.

From a conservation point of view it is actually going well even without a full time ecologist. The rhino notchings are going strong with guests and lodges sponsoring the activities. If any of you guys want to experience it during your stay it costs R44 000 per rhino activity. When the rhino is down the following gets done.

DNA is collected of every rhino and captured in a central database, ear nothings are done and every rhino will receive an unique notching number that enables us to keep track of the animals. It is a a great experience , well worth it.


News from the anti poaching , we have formed a group in west of the Park called the Western warriors where all of us gets involved with patrolling all hours of the day and help where we can. Our main project now is to put up cameras all over and in areas where we think it is high risk. So if anyone wants to donate a camera you can contact me directly at nkurrulodge@mweb.co.za The cameras cost R8000 per unit and it will have a monthly cost of about R300-R400( batteries and data )

Will keep you guys posted and see you at the lodge

Kind Regards

The Nkurru Team !!