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Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all well ?

Firstly I want to say welcome to the new website !!!

I know it has been a bit quite on the update side from Nkurru , but I hope you will enjoy the new updates and news from Madikwe.

I am sure you are all aware of Carlien the ecologist left Madikwe for a new venture. Yes she will be dearly missed. Declan the operations manager also got transferred to Molopo Game reserve. Friday 26th of September was his last day in Madikwe. Yes everybody is a bit worried about the future of Madikwe but we are all very positive and looking forward to what the future holds for this very special Game Reserve.

Lots have been happening on the wildlife front in the last year.

lion composition (1 of 1)

The Pilanesberg males have been causing havoc in the lion department and have been fighting with the lions in the North East and the North west. They killed quite a few cubs up in the North East, so they did for what they were brought in. Last week the two Kwande Males went through a brutal attack on their territory where the one Kwande male paid with his life. The other one got very badly injured. They were the dominant males in the South West so maybe the Chimbro males will extend their territory further west , who knows. They will be missed as they were frequent visitors to the Nkurru waterhole.

The Naledi male also got killed by other lions in the east. He was the oldest lion in the Park and carried his Grandfathers ( Batia’s ) legacy with pride !!

The 4 cheetah brothers got removed by Parks board as they were just to strong of a coalition. They relocated two coalitions of 2 males each. From Phinda and Sable Ranch. They are doing very well so far. The female cheetah crossed the river and is hanging around the border of a private reserve next to madikwe. She did escaped ones but were succesfully recaptured with the help of the Mcalery Family ….Thank you Mike 🙂

cheetah focused (1 of 2)


Samson the Male leopard were thought to be dead , but we got confirmation that he is healthy and living outside Supingstadt Village. So we would like to get him back ….but more on that later 🙂

leopard samson drinking (1 of 1)



The Wild dogs are doing very well although we have only the one pack of 14 animals. Madikwe management decided not to introduce another pack due to the drought in Madikwe. It will also take pressure of the general game numbers which is a good thing. They have been moving around the whole park and every now and then make their appearance at the Nkurru waterhole.


Wilddog pupprotecting (1 of 1)


The Annual Rhino day was held on the 24th of September and it was a huge success. Nkurru and Motswiri  manned the Boerie roll stall and it was a great hit.


meeting (1 of 1)


At Nkurru it is going very well. Everything is working till this far and we managed to finish most our CAPEX projects quite early this year thanks to all of you as shareholders. All of the staff are doing very well. Gabriel did manage to get his license this year. Things that we completed at Nkurru so far in 2016:

  • Sealed the waterhole
  • New coffee machine
  • New wall at the kitchen
  • Paint the lodge in and outside
  • New Blind between room 1 and 2
  • new inverter aircon units at all the rooms
  • Rain covers for furniture outside

Nkurru is looking so awesome !

It is still extremely dry and we are very lucky regarding our borehole but we are still very careful not to waste water. The water situation in the rest of the park is not looking great with lodges having to truck water in almost daily.

We have been very fortunate to have seen two lion kills at the Nkurru waterhole. The Matlapa female with her cubs have been quite resident around the lodge lately. The last lion kill was a female zebra about 2 months ago. I did get photos but when I downloaded the images my CF card was corrupt. Hey it happens, but I am sure Jono and Aida got some cracking shots.

When John and Auret were here she killed a wildebeest in full view of us all on the deck, that time my card was perfect 🙂 That night around 22:00 she came back with her 3 very small cubs.

It is amazing what can happen right on your doorstep.



lion kill at nkurru (11 of 15)




lion kill at nkurru (8 of 15)




lion kill at nkurru (5 of 15)lions at Nkurru (1 of 8)


I hope everybody likes the look of the new site, we have to tweet a bit more here and there but I think it looks great, clean and simple.

Kind Regards

The Nkurru Team