Nkurru Update April 2015



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Hi Everybody,

I Am kicking of with the bad…..

As you can see Madikwe is extremely dry and we are all very concerned about water , underground and rain water. Molatedi Dam is currently at 14% full and water restrictions are on its way very soon. Luckily we are not dependent on water from the dam but we are very concerned about our borehole and we must do what we can to safe water. Quite a number of boreholes around us have run dry at the lodges. They are trucking water in at a huge costs.  We have id’d a potential spot for a new borehole for just in case , but lets hope that won’t be necessary.

The first thing that we have done from the start was to put a smaller pump in the hole not to put the borehole under pressure. The following things we are trying to implement at Nkurru to save water:

  • Shower instead of taking a bath
  • Only shower ones a day
  • Don’t let taps run while brushing teeth
  • Only wash vehicle ones a week
  • We want to send laundry out as an experiment for one month and not wash on sight
  • Not filling up waterhole from main borehole
  • We keep the tanks full to minimise pumping time
  • Only have Bath sheet and Hand towel in rooms, taking out bath towel to lessen laundry loads
  • Until water situation is better not change towels on Mondays unless requested

We have to try and put a water saving program in place and the first place to start is the laundry so we will do a test run by sending laundry out for the dry season if possible.

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The dams in the reserve are also looking in bad shape so this is really serious. But we will keep you guys posted on the water situation in Madikwe and Nkurru.

We had our AGM on the 23rd of March 2015 and all went well thank you very much. The minutes will follow very soon as we are just waiting for final drafts on Budget and shares procedure. Keep checking your inbox 🙂

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Other then that it is all going well at Nkurru with the waterhole being busy as always and sightings in the bush are good. So when you up at Nkurru next time don’t forget your camera as we will focus more on the photography side for those keen photographers , doesn’t matter if you have a big or small camera this year will be the year of photography. I am not saying we will neglect the other things I just think it is nice to do something different.  Who knows maybe there will be a Nkurru photo competition in the near future…….:)

Let me know your thoughts on this if you guys are keen for something like this. Please feel free to post your images of your week on our Nkurru Facebook page.

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Lastly we want to welcome Megan to our Nkurru family she will be the relief ranger/manager  for when we are on leave. She has been in the Park for quite a long time and she is great. I am sure most of you have seen or met her on drives.

Well have a good one

Warm Regards

Grant &Monique and the Nkurru Family