Nkurru newsletter and Update

Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all well. Its been a while since I gave you an update on what is happening at Nkurru. Well we have been very busy as usual and we had a maintenance week in between as well. So we have done quite a few projects that I am sure makes the lodge look so much better. We completed the following projects in our maintenance week:

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  • New wooden stacking doors
  • Sanded down all wooden frames and oiled them, replace door frames in family unit
  • New boma sand
  • Serviced all thatch roofs
  • Paint Tv room and main lodge inside
  • Installed new oven
  • New motorised gate that gets powered by solar

On the 4th of September we have another maintenance week and we will finish the painting in all the rooms and our outside couches on the deck will be going in to our carpenter for a good revamp as well. The new pool umbrellas are also in production and hopefully they will be here in a few weeks.

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Nkurru is in the double numbers now so we have to maintain certain things , which I am sure you agree.  Our water situation is still critical with Molatedi dam at 8% and borehole levels dropping fast.  It is extremely dry in Madikwe with Thlou dam almost complete dry and Tholo dam is completely dry. The pressure on the Nkurru waterhole is getting more and more with especially elephants and general game. The bird hide at Nkurru is pulling some nice birds especially the smaller seed eaters like waxbills and fire finches, A huge thank you goes out to Simon Dabbs who sponsored all the funds for building it and for getting the cool bird bath. It was a fun project to work on. I also want to thank Laurence Wernars and Bruce Binnie who sponsored a fire car.


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I have put a steel frame on all the shower walls to stop the klipspringer from running on the thatch roofs. So far it is working.

Our lions in the park are having an interesting time sorting out territories with all the males in the area. So our sightings of male lions are great at the moment. We have the Kwandwe coalition , the Naledi male and monamogholo male, the Chimbro and Bafefu males and the new 3 Pilanesburg males all in the South west, South East and North West of the Park , so interesting times a head. 

Off course the talk of the town is the wild dog den. They have 9 puppies between 3-4 months old. Sadly they have moved the den about 2 days ago. Sad for our viewing but it was time for them to move the den, wild dogs move their den regularly due to fleas or pressure from other scavengers and predators.

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Regarding our cheetahs , they are still going strong and sadly the female cheetah got killed by the 4 males shortly after Carlien released her. Very sad but that is nature and we don’t know what happened there. Back to the drawing board on that one. For now we are all praying for rain. For more bush updates  you guys can follow me on Instagram and Facebook and also don’t forget the Nkurru Facebook page ,go like the page and upload photos and videos during your stay and of your sightings.


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Below are some images of our last safaris :

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See you at the lodge on your next visit

Kind Regards

The Nurru Team