Update from Nkurru

Hi Everybody

Hope you guys are doing well as we are 🙂

We had our first bit of rain this morning , not much but it is a start. It is extremely dry in Madikwe at the moment so we are awaiting hopefully lots of rain.


sunset (1 of 1)


Everybody is doing well at Nkurru especially Gabriel, Godfrey and Bolivia as all three of them have completed their qualifications in the following:

  • Gabriel -Chef qualification
  • Godfrey – Trade test in electrical NQF2
  • Bolivia – Hospitality and tourism management


bolivia (1 of 1)


Gabriel (1 of 2)


Godfrey is still waiting for his certificate. What is great about Godfrey’s qualification is that we don’t have to get an electrician out for everything, we have already done two major installations ( and according to standard if i might add that ).

We are also done with 90% of our CAPEX list as well. I must say the lodge looks fantastic and everything blends in so well.


nkurru inside (2 of 2)


nkurru inside (1 of 2)


Sighting wise we also can not complain as we have a resident male leopard in the South West called Samson that we see on a regular basis. It shows you the hard work habituating these animals are paying dividends now. BUT there are still a dominant male that drinks at Nkurru that is on Samson’s tracks to push him out. Unfortunately it might happen or maybe Samson can avoid him and take him on when he is more experienced, lets hope ! This big male’s territory is massive so Samson might be able to avoid him.


The dogs did not den this year as Carlien have contracepted them to give the prey numbers a chance to breathe a bit. I must say it has worked very well.


samsson (1 of 1)


samson up (1 of 1)

samson in tree (1 of 5)


All the cheetah are doing well and hopefully the female cheetah are on their way.  The collar were removed from the one cheetah as the batteries were dead and it happened in a sponsored conservation activity by the Mcalery Family. We have also been fortunate enough to see the 4 brothers kill a wildebeest and we had some amazing interaction between the brown hyena and the cheetah. On a more sadder note on the 29th of September Madikwe lost another black rhino to poachers he got shot in the Phuti road area in the deep south of the park.

Mike cheetah collar (1 of 1)


cheetah kill4 (1 of 1)



cheetah blog (17 of 19)


cheetah blog2 (14 of 52)


With the wind and dryness it brings thousands of  queleas to the water holes with Falcons waiting for their chance to grab one.

Lanner falcon (4 of 4)

Lanner falcon (3 of 4)


I am ending this with some very sad news , Shumba our Jack Russel boy got bitten by a Mozambique Spitting Cobra on the 12th of October the snake bit him inside his mouth and tonque, he did what he was suppose to do keep the baddies away and he did cause he killed the snake as well ,he died in my arms at 19:00 in Ambush alley. We did manage to get a drip in him but his little heart could just not fight the venom, as most of you know he was the barker in the family and the house is so quite without him , I used to always fight him about his barking now I wish I could just hear that one more time.

Goodbye Shumba (1 of 4)



Goodbye Shumba (4 of 4)


We will see you soon at the lodge.

Kind Regards

The Nkurru Team