The year of the leopard in Madikwe


samsson (1 of 1)

Hi Everyone,

This is a different update then normal. This year was quite a special year regarding leopard sightings. We still don’t see them everyday but we had some spectacular sightings since Jan 2014. There are quite a few individuals who is getting more habituated with the vehicles everyday. With certain leopards there will be 20-30 vehicles cycling through the sighting during the course of the morning or afternoon. The leopards who we see on a regular basis even have names :

  • Podile-thlou dam area
  • Tshala – South west
  • Samson – South west
  • Munye – North East, Tswassa
  • Maukeng male – North east , makanyane concession

The good leopard sightings are not just a result of controlled vehicle pressure but more a result of good lion management by Madikwe North West Parks Management. The answer that you get 99% of the time when you ask people what they want to see is …Leopard. It is one of the most sort after sightings when on safari. A lot of the time it is a case of ” you should have been here last week  ” That was not the case often this year as most of our guests either saw leopard on drive or at Nkurru waterhole. We have a big male and female that drinks at our waterhole every now and then. This big male is still very skittish and disappears on the sound of a vehicle. If you look at the map of Madikwe there are dominant leopards in most areas of the park. See below some of the highlights we had with leopard on game drives :


leopard jono3

Munye- pipeline

Male leopard

Maukeng Male- Marico river

facebook 17-10-3

Tsala – Nonnie link

munye5 leopard on rhino (1 of 1)

Muney – Conservation week on a drowned rhino Carcass

leopard in shade (1 of 1)

Munye – Derdepoort plains hunting mongoose

samson in tree (1 of 5) samson in tree (5 of 5)

samson up (1 of 1)

Samson on Vaalboom road

samson in golden light (1 of 1)

leopard samson (1 of 2)

leopard different angle sepia (1 of 1)

leopard samson1 (1 of 1)

leopard samson (2 of 2)

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos and hopefully when you are up at Nkurru again we will have the luck of the leopard with us.

See you all soon

Warm Regards

The Nkurru team