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Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all well. First of all I want to wish you all a very happy new year and may the year that lies ahead be prosperous in every way possible for each and everybody.

We had a great year at Nkurru everything went well without any major breakages and expenses. All the staff are doing well and had a great Xmas and new year as well. They went all home for xmas as our guests checked out early before Xmas, that never happens  🙂

So they could spend the few days at home with their families.

We had one dilemma a few days after Xmas, one of the big elephant bulls decided to come and show us what he is made of and while we were on game drive pushed the beautiful Tambotie tree over in front of the lodge, that is our tree for the waterhole light. So options were :

  • Cut up the tree
  • Put a steel pole in its place for the light
  • Put the light against the deck
  • Save the tree!


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Yes we saved the tree! I got hold of Andre Elektries from Zeerust with his supped up F250 and a big winch.  This tree was extremely heavy, we under estimate the power of elephants. Andre arrived and we pulled up the tree and anchored it in various places. Luckily the roots were all intact on the right of tree so hopefully the tree will survive, we have done many things at Nkurru but tree rescuing is a first. We had to because this tree was there way before the lodge and it is such a special tree. Regarding our Capex projects, we have done all the big projects  and only have a few small things left to do

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Madikwe is looking great, there are so much water in the bush and the dams have water, lots of flowers shooting up and babies running around all over the place. In total so far we had about 170 mm of rain since November, much better then last year. Sigthings have been good lately but the waterhole at the lodge is a bit quite with all the rain we had.


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kwandwe males2


On a sadder note it looks like one of the Naledi Males are dead they were in a territorial battle with the Kwandwe males and we haven’t seen the one since that fight. The Kwande males are becoming real bruts, they have killed a big bull giraffe, then a young buffalo and not long ago they took down an elephant at Vlei Pan. This is definitely a coalition to keep tabs on.

There is a new male lion on the block the Bafefu male he is hanging around Thlou dam and have been to the lodge as well. He is still very young and is trying to stay out the way of the bigger dominant males. He’s face is still clean with no cuts what so ever, but sadly it won’t stay like that for a long time.

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So often on game drive there are not any big and scary  stuff to see and photograph so you have to improvise and this is what the guests get up to……..spot the chameleon 🙂


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During 2014 there will be a big birding year in Madikwe so we can put Madikwe up on the birding circles around Southern Africa and make people aware of this beautiful Park. Myself will represent Nkurru in this competition and we need to submit our list at the end of the year. There are various prizes on the line so it will be a fun and interactive for everybody who enjoys birding. There are also a 300 club in Madikwe and we have to join that club,the 300 club is if you see 300 or more species per year in the park. Part of the exercise is to see what vagrants comes trhough during the year. We have to submit photographic evidence of the rare ones so no one can cheat. I am looking forward in birding with you guys this year it will be a good year !

The following addition is from Gabriel “

To all the shareholders…

Firstly I would just like to thank each and every one of you who made it possible for me to go do this chef’s course last year. And a very big thank you for the beautiful set of Knives I was able to cook with.

A Special thank you to Lynne Dabbs that helped me find this course and also for getting the knife set to me.

I learned a great deal and will try my best to put in to practice what I have learned. Just to give you a small overview of what I did.

The course consisted of the basics each and every chef should know:

Hygiene, Handling of all types of food, Knife skills, Receiving and storing food from suppliers, Safety in cooking environment, Food poisoning and micro-organisms, Nutrition & Food costing.

Then we also did a lot of cooking!

From knowing fruits and vegetables and what you can do with them. Cook, preserve and even just keep fresh to learning about stocks, soups, meat, fish, poultry, starches, pulses, grains, pastas, salads, eggs, pastry and desserts.

So an overall introduction to food. Getting to know the finer details of food and food preparation.

I enjoyed each and every aspect of the course. And will maybe go on to do the Diploma in future.

I would then also lastly like to say Thank you for the transport provided as well as the accommodation in a Guest house in Randburg within walking distance of the school, which made it very easy to attend classes.

And I must mention Jono Buffey and Laurence Wernars for letting me fly with you back to Johannesburg on one occasion. What an experience! One I will never forget!


I would also like to invite you to the graduation ceremony.

Please see the invitation below. Please RSVP to the details given.

Thank you




See below some images from one of our guests Lenton Kapp they were here just before Christmas:

Stunning black and white images, Thank you Lenton.










Go into 2014 with a big bang !!

Kind regards

The Nkurru team