A Very Merry Xmas

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Hi Everybody,

I am sure most of you are at your holiday destinations by now and we really hope you travelled all safely.  We just want to wish you all a merry xmas and happy new year in 2015. All is well in Madikwe and at the lodge. I have some very surprising news and that is that the split of group from the Southern Pack of wild dogs had 8 puppies and they are only a few weeks old. Normally dogs den between May and June. This was quite the surprise when we followed them into the den area and 8 puppies peeled out of the hole. Both Alpha females were contracepted but clearly it didn’t work as expected. The contraception is a test run done by Carlien and a proffessor for further research.

This group of adults were using the old den site in the Dwarsberg mountans before they were disturbed by something and moved the pups deeper into the valley. So yes it is awesome news !!


2015 wilddogpups (4 of 5)


2015 wilddog pups (1 of 2)


2015 wilddogpups (2 of 5)


2015 wilddog pups (2 of 2)

2015 wilddogpups alpha female (5 of 5)


Hopefully the adults move the den to a more accessible place and all the pups survive.

Happy holidays

The Nkurru Team