A few old things becoming new again at Nkurru

Hi Everybody,

Its been a while I know ! Well I hope you are all doing well. We have been very busy at the lodge with very little time to do maintenance and odd end and bits around the lodge. But luckily we had a maintenance week on the 6th Of June 2014.  We got quite a few things done. This is what we got up to during that week:

  • resurfacing of the pool
  • Rebuild the rim flow of pool
  • Completely restructured the steps going to the pool
  • Sanding and oiling of main deck and repairing of deck structure
  • Combing and waterproofing of thatch and painting of roof nocks
  • New doors got made by a carpenter for the cupboard underneath the map on main deck, our old office door was used and recycled into the new doors.

There are also a few new things at lodge like

  • New pool day beds
  • New lights in main lodge
  • 90% of all globes changed to LED

I really hope you guys like the small revamp around main lodge , I think it really looks good. Thank you to all of you who is making the up keep of Nkurru possible and easy. I am also driving the cruiser into Johannesburg on the 22nd of June for new seats and suspension , gonna be a fun trip 🙂

We are going well into winter now so the waterhole at the lodge is keeping up with his reputation of being one of the best waterholes in the park. The following photos are as we progressed during the week:

nkurrumain1 (2 of 4)

nkurrumain1 (3 of 4)


nkurrumain1 (4 of 4)

The swimming pool was quite the adventure as it had to be sanded down completely and as we got half way realized this pool was actually black and it was a lime build up on the marblelite that made it white, quite amazing ! When the sanding was done it was time to put the resin on that acts as a bonding agent then we could start with the blue epoxy. The pool will get 4 layers of epoxy and then we can fill it up again. All the broken slate got removed and replaced by new ones, the pool area will look awesome again !


nkurrumain2 (1 of 3)

nkurrumain2 (2 of 3)


nkurrumain3 (3 of 7)

The deck was also hard work but so worth it we got rid of all the old grinder marks and fixed all loose and broken planks. We treat the deck now with an oil based product that doesn’t leave any residue behind.


nkurrumain3 (4 of 7)



nkurrumain3 (2 of 7)

nkurrumain3 (1 of 7)



nkurrumain3 (5 of 7)


All the rooms and main lodge got combed again with new paint on chimneys and nocks.  It is very important to service thatch roofs to prevent huge damage by rain and rotting. Especially after all the rain we had.


nkurrumain3 (6 of 7)



nkurrumain4 (5 of 6)


Check out the new day beds they are very cool and comfy 🙂

nkurrumain4 (6 of 6)




nkurrumain4 (4 of 6)


nkurrumain4 (3 of 6)



nkurrumain4 (2 of 6)



nkurrumain4 (1 of 6)


We have another maintenance week in progress and will be fished with pool and rim flow by Friday. Will keep you guys posted , see you at the lodge

Warm Regards

The Nkurru Team