Trail camera at dead elephant and some images from our guests

Hi Everybody,

We finally had some lovely rain the last few days so it will start to green up very soon. I am sure some of you will recall the lone young elephant that use to hang around the lodge the last few weeks. Well there was a good reason for him being on his own he must have been sick that is why the herd rejected him. The last while he was hanging around the back of our garden on the fence as if he was saying goodbye. He was loosing condition quite quickly and became thinner and thinner.

I went on a walk one morning and found his little carcass underneath a buffalo thorn close to the lodge where he went to lie down , and didn’t have the  strenght  to stand up again.  This was the 5th or 6th case of a young elephant breaking away from the heard and die. So something is up with the elephants in Madikwe and we have no idea yet what is causing this.

This herd went pass to pay their respects to the little guy.














One of our guests was kind enough to share some of her images of during their stay at Nkurru, Thank you Liz Cook they are great ! One evening we had a Serval drinking at the water hole , first time for me @ Nkurru waterhole


We were on our way home when we spotted this Black mamba looking for food in a lead wood close to the lodge, he was quite big as well.


black mamba


Yes we do see leopard every once in a while, this is a young male that we are seeing more often he loves posing for the vehicles.

leopard in tree3-015

We are going on leave Thursday for a week so will send more updates when we are back, if you have any images you want to share after your visit please email them to the lodge @ in a small format like 150-250KB

See you guys soon

The Nkurru Team