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Hi Everybody,

Its been a very busy busy 2-3 months here at Nkurru with a maintenance week thrown in as well. Everything is going well at the lodge and with all the staff. For you who have been here the last two months have seen the few minor changes to the lodge like:

  • Serviced decks
  • New basins and mixers
  • Fixed plumbing RM 1 , RM5 and kitchen
  • Chandeliers in room 1+2 went in for fixing
  • All slate around pool and all showers got sealed
  • A new addition to Nkurru is the bird hide with a pond and flowing water for those who want to photograph the smaller birds like fire finches and waxbills.

All the lodges are battling with water and it is still extremely dry in Madikwe and we had days of up to 38degrees celsius. So far our borehole is doing ok but will keep you in the loop of things.

Out there in the bush it has also been quite busy with good sightings all round every week. We have at least one outstanding sighting every week. The big pack of wild dogs are back on the Madikwe side with two less pups as the lions ambushed them at the den while the adults were out hunting. The small pack is also running with the pups and spends a lot of time in the south where there are huge numbers of kudu and impala. Saying that they did kill a fully grown Zebra stallion which we missed and only saw the vultures on what was left over.

Leopard sightings have been there but not as often as we would like 🙂

The new Kwandwe males made a move on the Naledi’s territory and came of second best with the one getting badly injured. The old boys still have it in them as the Batia bloodline clearly shows when it is necessary. Thlou dam has been very good so far with the Etali female and her pride of 7 spending a lot of time at the dam. Everyday for the last 3 weeks killing things left right and centre. They have taken full advantage of the game coming in to quench their thirst.




On a different note, I was privileged enough to go and witness one of the best spectacles the world has to offer, The great migration. I went with Jono Buffey’s company called Wild Eye and I can highly recommend this trip to anyone who is keen on photography , birding and wild life. The camp, vehicles, food and just the whole experience is worth it. It was so much more then what I ever expected. Next year I would like to get a group together so if you are keen let me know or contact Jono directly.

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Looking forward to seeing you guys at the lodge.

Warm Regards

The Nkurru Team