Nkurru newsletter July 2013


vleipan ellies

Hi Everyone,

I think I can now say for certain that our winter is here. The last few mornings have been extremely cold. The bush is looking yellow and very dry with the water hole pumping with game moving in and out the whole day.  Water is becoming an issue in the whole Wonder boom Node with most lodges battling with water supply. Although we are not battling we still need to use it sparingly  so the waterhole is not overly full at most times. Luckily game only drink what they need. So I am kicking of by asking that we use water wisely and please ask your guests and families who visits Nkurru to do so as well. Our solar plant is up and running and working like  a dream. It makes a huge difference in a especially the petrol consumption. All the panels generate 429Volts which gets converted to 380 Volts ( 3 phase ).  The system is all automated and the pump comes on when tanks are  3/4 full.



Our yearly maintenance week comes up in Aug and we have quite a few things planned for that week, below are some of the things we are planning on

  • Replace all basins and mixers in Rooms
  • Paint work around lodge
  • Sorting out plumbing at room 1 and main lodge
  • Removing of reeds in Reed bed
  • Gardening at main lodge and replanting of some aloes
  • Complete spring clean of lodge and rooms
  • Sealing of slate around pool and all showers in rooms
  • Painting of guest car park

That is what we have planned for now and I am sure we will add a few more things as the time gets closer.

In the reserve it is going well and sightings have been good to us. The only thing we haven’t seen a lot of was the dogs. The small pack are denning somewhere on the Dwarsberg opposite Phofu dam and the Big pack are denning on Makanyane ‘s concession. It has been a while now so I am sure the youngsters will get moving with the adults soon. The cheetahs are doing well and they are moving all over the reserve in search of females. Carlien the ecologist are also very busy and doing great things for the reserve with conservation projects happening on a regular basis.  The introduction program is going on and in the next few months 500 impala and 1200 will be introduced.

The pride up in the North west called the Sebaba bolekega pride also had 3 new youngsters and have been hiding them up on Lefathtla’s Koppie close to maroela and tamboti.

bolekega cub


The Bulaya pride around Inkwe pan also have 2 new additions to the pride which totals there number at 7.  We see them more often now and they provide us with great sightings. Lionesess with new born cubs are always scittish in the beginning but as time goes on they get use to the vehicles around there cubs and the little ones get more curious as the time goes on.The total lion numbers in the park are currently standing at 61 it is quite a different then 4 years ago where you were guaranteed on seeing lions at the airstrip, now we have to work a little bit harder for these big cats.

b cubs 1


bul cub5

Madikwe received two new lions a while back  for a  new bloodline. They are 2 young males of about 3 years old from Kwandwe game reserve, they are setting up territory in the South east of the park. The other day they were around Vlei Pan and I finally got some pics of them.

kwandwe males2

Up in the North east of the park we have a very special little leopard named Munye. He is so relaxed and provides us with a great experience, it is not really in our area but when we are there and he is out we wont give him a mis. He only recently made his appearance with another female in the north that is also very relaxed. I think madikwe is coming onto the map regarding leopard sightings. The Maukeng male is also still in Madikwe and has set up Territory in the `north East as well.






The four cheetah are still together and are doing very well by keeping out of the way of the other predators, hopefully we will get some females soon.  Below see some pics from our drives the last while and most of them are lions , but who doesn’t love these big cats.


kwande males1



bul cub3



cheetah on red



vleipan ellies3






bul cub4


Hope you enjoyed these scenes from Madikwe and we will see you guys at the lodge

Have a great day

The Nkurru team