January Newsletter 2013




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Hi Everyone,

We hope you had a fantastic festive season and that new year will be prosperous and full of positive things for you. I am beginning with very bad news and that is that Madikwe was the first reserve to lose 2 rhino to poaching for the year on the 1st of January 2013. Terrible news I know !

But not all is bad and we had a great xmas and new year at the lodge with great excitement and great sightings.

News from the lodge:

Gabriel started his cooking course and we will get feed back as soon as his back at the lodge. Nothing dramatically happened at the lodge except for  Bella our jack Russell had a huge fight with the Honey badger  and I thought she was not going to make it. Then she turned the fight around and made the badger run for the hills , She had no big external wounds she was just over exhausted from the fight and the badger had a BRUISED EGO ,yes I ALSO couldn’t believe it. I tried to get them of one another but you know a Jack Russell. She bobbed and weaved and floated like a butterfly around that badger.

That was our excitement for the 30th of Jan 2013.

We did water proof the domes and it is 90% better then before. We still have a few Capex projects to complete before end of March 2013.

News from the bush :

Sightings was good as always. All 6 cheetah have been released and are doing very well, they are operating in the South of the Park currently exploring all areas. The 2 Bulaya females had cubs a while back and we have great sightings of them as well. The new cubs have been introduced to the 2 Naledi males and all is well.


bulaya cub




We had very good dog sightings as well. Both Packs are doing great and sometimes the GPS collar helps us quite a bit when the dogs are hiding. If it weren’t for the collar we would have never known about another rhino carcass. Andre and Christo from Tuningi walked in after the signal and found the dogs feeding of the rhino carcass. The rhino was shot but was wounded and died later, Parks board did recover the horns. I also had quite an unusual sighting of a Black Mamba on a rainy afternoon and we spent quite a bit of time with him and got some great photos of this rare and very dangerous animal. He was quite happy with us poking the lenses towards him. It was quite a chill afternoon so I think that also played a role in his relaxed attitude. Believe me our nerves was quite shattered but it was worth it 🙂








The wild dogs have kept us busy on drive as well driving around from point to the other trying to catch them and one afternoon it paid of and we had a fantastic sighting of the dogs trying to kill a wildebeest in the open area of `tholo dam.

wildog chase




I couldn’t believe the dogs missed the opportunity to take down this bull. They had him cornered but no luck.

Our new year kicked of with bang and hopefully it will stay like that.

On this high note here are some pics of Inkwe Pan, we are done with the hide and the bush clearing. The pan area looks great and his a birders paradise.




inkwe pan10



inkwe pan13




Be sure that we will be visiting the pan on your next trip to Nkurru

Have a great February and see you at the lodge

The Nkurru Team