What a brave lion!!


Well a few days ago Madikwe  OUR home got invaded again by spineless human beings, I don’t even wanna call them human. They took our 11th rhino a big bull that lived around Tholo Dam. After Declan and his team finished the investigation we went there and what a sad sight, the huge animal’s legs and feet tucked neatly away under his huge body as if he was in a sounding deep sleep BUT WITHOUT HIS HORNS. Not a way you want to remember a strong mighty animal. All because of brainless , spineless creatures lurking around and taking what is not there’s for the taking.

To top all of that they found the body of one of the Lenyalo males also shot !! In his last efforts to interrupt the poachers he paid dearly with his life. It was not a DEATH shot and he dragged himself away from the scene where he died a few hundred meters away on the eastern side of Tholo dam wall.

The reward for information to conviction and arrest went up to R220 0010.

Hopefully someone will talk

Kind regards