The End of a Great Era

Etali male : Born April 2002

Died : May 2012

Mother: Dipelo 2

Father : Batia

Grand father : Leeuwenhoek male


It is sad to say that the Etali male got killed yesterday by a buffalo close to thlou dam. His whole rib cage got torn apart. For a lion that is probably the worst death getting killed by buffalo. They do it with such fury. The Etali male did have a really bad back leg as you all know so he could probably not get away quick enough. We arrived on the scene yesterday and his brother was busy consuming his remains, just didn’t feel right.

He had a very good full life of 10 years. His coalition partner Kgala is almost a year older then him.  They are the dominant coalition of the North-West and South-West of Madikwe , so now the Kgala male will have a difficult task ahead to protect his pride in the North-West. The Coalition that will be most of a threat are the formidable Lenyalo Coalition. They took over from Ditaba and Sepedi in the east.

Together they took over from thsholo and Matyea in the South West with the Tshabalala females and Maropeng youngsters. The ruled the South west with the tshabalala’s until the females got euthanized after which they moved up to the North West.  We saw them on a regular basis at Nkurru waterhole when they passed by on patrol. Hopefully that will still happen.

On the photo above are Tschaba pride with all their youngsters at The Nkurru waterhole.We will really mis the big boy and his brother as their roars thunder on the dolomite ridge letting all his advisories know of their presence. together they successfully drove the Naledi brothers out the South West to the South East. We followed these guys for km’s on their morning patrols. They have shared everything and we shared a lot with them as well.

They have given us and our guests great viewing pleasure in the past and hopefully with the Kgala male that is left the sightings will carry on.

We will dearly mis the Etali male, here are some photos in his memory.