Nkurru cam update

Its been a while since the Nkurru cam been updated. We had quite a bit of rain over Christmas so the waterhole was not extensively busy. We had the odd visitor here and there. During the day there are quite an influx of general game or GG’s as we call them. Hopefully the the camera will last longer on its new spot in the waterhole.

We still get the old faith full elephant even with all the small pans of water in the bush. There must be something in the water at Nkurru that they like 🙂

Guess what this is?

We did get some white rhino in the evenings as well !

One morning after breakfast a whole troop of baboons came in as well. Luckily they stayed clear of the lodge.

Well that was the story for this week at our waterhole.

Below is a few other images the cam picked up

Till next time

Warmest Regards