Newsletter-May 2012

Hi Everyone,

The month of May went by just to quickly. We have quite a few projects lined up for the maintenance week early in June but more on that later. Everything is going well at the lodge and all the staff. Winter is creeping closer but not here yet and we had wonderful mild mornings and evenings the last 2 weeks or so. The water hole at the lodge are extremely busy with activity from lions to banded mongoose. We did drill for water on the 28th of May and we did get water. The first break was hit on 32m. and we went down to 123m. The reason we went down so far was to create deep samp where we will pump the water out.  The water level is 13m from the top so it pushed up quite a bit.We will hopefully start pumping water in about 3 days time when everything is in and connected.


The following projects are happening in the next few weeks:

  • Combing of all the thatch roofs
  • Revamping of staff area
  • Concrete wash bay
  • Rebuilding of kitchen counters

Quite a few things in the pipeline for the next week in our maintenance week. Sadly I am telling you guys again that Madikwe lost another 2 rhino a female black rhino and her calf , all four horns were taken. It happened again in the Tholo dam area.

In the month of May the Etali male got killed by buffalo around Thlou dam I did a tribute to the big male on my blog Not long after that the new Lenyalo coalition killed the youngster of the Etali female at Tholo dam. It was quite emotional but that is nature.

We did have great sightings of the big cats again this month. In the South West we have a new small pride of lions that moved in. They are called the Bulaya Lions 2 females and one male. One morning we spent time with them where they interacted with hyenas around their kill. Was a great sighting. At first the hyenas were very bold and brave to move in and take the carcass’s left overs. The young male stood proud and defended their meal with great determination.


News on the wild dogs are that they are denning on the  eastern side of the Marico river on  Makanyane Safari lodge’s concession . We haven’t seen the new pups yet but they believe the female gave birth already. It is a pity they are so far from our side. Hopefully we will see them soon. Will keep you guys updated on the projects at the lodge and how things are developing.

Warmest regards

The Nkurru-Team