March 2012 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

I know the newsletter is a bit late , sorry about that that. We had another great month here at Nkurru from maintenance to sightings. It was also our financial year end and we had the AGM on the 15th of March at Le-sel. We just want to thank Andrew for making boardroom available with all the snacks and drinks. I think the meeting went very well.

I am sure you have received the CapEx sheet with all the projects. Thank you for all the shareholders who attended the meeting and for all the input.

We spent our holiday in Paternoster where our good friends Gavin and Heidi from Tuningi Safari lodge tied the knot.


News from the lodge :

Nicolas became a dad and Lebo is on maternity leave, all is going well with the new baby.

I must say of all my years in the bush this one was the year of the snake. I have never seen so many snakes as this year. In the 6 moths we had Bella she got spat in the eyes 4 times already by a Mozambique spitting cobra. it is amazing how they handle snake venom.

During March we didn’t have much time for maintenance but everything is looking good at the lodge. We finished the pilots room. I redid the ceiling in room and bathroom and gave it a new layer of paint. We also re tiled the shower, you are probably wondering ….why ? Well we are getting a permanent relief guide between us and Kukama. He will be staying in the pilots room. It will be better for the lodge to have a permanent relief when we go on leave. His name is Stefan and he is very responsible and great fun. We are going to give this a go and see how it works out. On a lighter note, on our last week at the lodge one of the guests got stuck in the lodge toilet, by stuck I mean the key broke of  in the lock of the door. They used all means necessary to get him out , when I arrived with my tool box he was already out 🙂


News from the park:

You guys will notice that the dams are dry and busy drying up , a Madikwe manager’s forum has been opened on google so that we can raise concerns and points of interests in the park and keep communication channels open. Lets see how it goes. The dams , roads and bush clearing is the top points of discussion at the moment. I will keep you guys posted on whats happening. Sighting wise nothing out of the ordinary happened. We had good sightings of everything again.

The rhino poaching has been very quite and no more incidents in the park that we know of. Lets hope it stays like that.

See you soon at the lodge

The Nkurru Team