Leopard project


Hi Everybody,

You are all aware of the Madikwe leopards being scittish and scared of vehicles.  Part of  Parksboard policy is to habituate leopards for tourism.

We can help with that………we had on numerous occasions great success on baiting leopard here at Nkurru. If we can do it on a regular basis we will get these animals habituated. If you want to participate in this program please drop me a mail at the lodge. I source the warthogs from a farm just outside Madikwe, it is sometimes tough to get them so I won’t be able to get them all the time but I am looking at alternative suppliers as well.

It works out R550 per warthog.

If you would like one on your week please let me know way in advance so that I can organize it. With the last warthog we had 2 leopards at the same time in the tree, they are still around Nkurru and have been to the waterhole twice the last week. At the end of the day we will be able to compile an Id kit on these cats. So it will be for the better of the park and these magnificent animals.

You can drop me a mail on the lodge email if you are interested to participate in this project with me.

Kind regards