February 2012 newsletter

Wow what a month we had here at Nkurru ! Great sightings and got a lot of maintenance issues sorted out.  Everything is going very well at the lodge and no major Hick ups. Currently we are getting ready for the AGM on the 15th of March 2012. We are getting quotes ready and planning on the projects for 2012. We will have the CapEx sheet ready in a few days and will be sending it  out soon before the meeting.

The only big problem in the lodge  is the baboons that come in and plunder the Marula trees, not that that is a problem but they are damaging the rooms and thatch. Nothing that we can’t sort out. Godfrey myself and Nic are on baboon duty constantly and will carry on until all the marula fruits have disappeared.  The week of 17th-23rd of Feb we had a maintenance week and gave the lodge a major clean up, this is what we got up to during that week:

  • Oiled all the decks
  • Oiled all the window frames and outside furniture
  • dry cleaned all curtains and mosquito nets
  • Power cleaned all the upholstery in the lodge and rooms including all carpets
  • Serviced the lilliput and cleaned out reed bed
  • Major bush clearing infront of room 4/5
  • Fixing up pilots room and currently busy with that
  • Installed new lanterns on main deck
  • Built new boma wall in front of new staff house

That was what we got up to during that week. We had quite a few new visitors to the lodge waterhole including the big pride of 13 lions of the North west. This was the first time they have visited Nkurru Plains.

Game drive news :

We had quite a month regarding sightings everything was out and about. The mornings have a chill to it all ready and sunrise is round about 5:45. We had very rare and unique sightings like these Barbel at Tshukudu dam flushing tilapia to the shallower water, with wild dogs, rhino, zebra and elephants on the bank.


Something that I have never seen before was a scaly feathered finch trapped in the web of a golden orb spider. The spider would have never eaten the bird it was just a freak incident of nature

The wild dogs have also been around and they entertained us on a regular basis. The Thlou dam leopardess also shared some amazing moments with her and her cub. The young leopard is so relaxed around the vehicle and it is all her mothers doing. Hopefully we will have her around for a long time. The leopardess around Vlei pan also did her part on a big scale.  We had great interaction with her, brown hyena and jackal as she tried to defend her kill and succeeded  by pulling it up in a big Lead wood.

The Rhino in Southern Africa are under huge pressure as you all know, so we witnessed an epic fight between two bulls. That was a great sighting.

Early mornings on the plains are great and photography wise it is a great place to be over sunrise.

This is my story for February. We are looking forward in seeing you guys at the AGM.

I am ending with a few images from the Nkurru cam:







Warmest Regards

The Nkurru team