December 2012 Newsletter


Hi Everybody,

Hope you are well. I can not believe the year is almost at its end. It was most definitely a very good year with great memories here at Nkurru, I hope you guys also made some new and unforgettable memories at Nkurru.  We won’t be at the lodge over Xmas and new year but I am sure the festive season at the lodge will treat you very well.

All the staff at the lodge are doing extremely well , with 3 of the staff members studying next year. Gabriel, Godfrey and Bolivia.  i am sure you guys can remember the problem we had with leaking water on the two domes by the TV room and kitchen, well we have waterproofed it so do not get a fright when you see the color , we still need to paint it a proper and suitable color. The leaking is 100% better .

We just have 3 months left before our year end in March so we are trying to finish all CAPEX projects as we get a chance. You are all probably wondering about the rain in the reserve and we had good rain up to date so the bush is looking stunning.

At the end of October Jonathan Buffey had his annual conservation week and their group sponsored 2 wild dog collars, Cheetah collars and the notching of 4 rhino. In each pack the alpha male got collared.

Alpha Male in the small pack


Alpha male in big pack

These guys did an amazing job  and Carlien and NWP are so great full for their generosity to help protect these animals.

In between the collaring we did  get time to go and notch 4 rhino. When we ask declan what he had planned for the conservation week he shouted out in capital letters , RHINO, RHINO RHINO !!!! As you al know , the rhino issue is getting worse and worse.


Its been a hell of good few months in Madikwe and now some news on something that everybody asks when they come to the lodge :

Will Madikwe get some cheetah again ?

We did indeed…..they got released on the 19th of December at the lion Boma.

  • 2 brothers of 5,5 years old from Kwandwe game reserve
  • They are used to lions and other predators
  • They have been known to hunt Eland , so they are two brutes.

The other 4 cheetah are still in a boma in the South.

Then some more good news….

Simon Dabbs sponsored the installation of solar panels and pump at Inkwe Pan, as you all know it is a prime game and birding spot. We were struggling for more then 2 years to get water at the pan so at last thank you Simon. We will do some more work at the pan and the hide in the new year as soon as everybody is less busy at the lodges. The solar installation is working unbelievably good.

Simon once again thank you very much from NWP, lodges and the guides especially.

The last while we had really good sightings of the dogs and lions so below is a few images of the sightings we had:


I really hope all of you will have a great Xmas and blessed new year.  For those who will be at the lodge over the festive season enjoy it and I hope you get flooded with good sigthings and good food 🙂

Warm Regards

The Nkurru Team