December 2011 – Newsletter

Well that was our first Christmas and new year at Nkurru and what a ride it was. We had great fun with everybody. Having the fireplaces blazing in the lodge just before Christmas with cold and rainy days. But even with that we had a great time.

We also got our rifle at last after many months of waiting.  So we did our first bush braai again in a long time and had a great time, I must say the insects are quite hectic around the lanterns on the table, but nonetheless we had a great time as zebra and wildebeest grazed around us during dinner.

Things at the lodge are going great with no major changes during the festive season. All the major maintenance issues are up to date. We will recap in January on the clean up at the building site and get the whole staff area in order with the boma and braai area.  The guys are busy moving into their new rooms and are very excited about it. In the beginning of December I also redid our whole garden at our house with new grass in front and back, you are welcome to pop in when you are at the lodge next time. I also started a small herb garden that got sponsored by Simon Dabbs , thank you Simon ! We will see how long we can keep the klipspringer out.

We had just over 40mm of rain for December and everything looks great. We also had a beautiful full rainbow the one afternoon over the Inselbergs. Was one of my most special scenes in Madikwe ever.


Sighting wise we cannot complain. We got treated to magical African scenes here in Madikwe once again.  I am not sure if all of you know about Ditaba Sepedi that got killed by the Lenyalo males a while back. It was time for them to give the rains over. The North East of the park is ruled by a coalition of three now and they are busy mating with the females in the east.

The Etali female had 2 new cubs and she hangs around Tholo dam. I am sure that some of you who have been to Nkurru the last 2 months can really see a difference in general game numbers since the lions have been reduced. It is great seeing herds of everything around.  The relaxed Maukeng male leopard is also still around and treat us every now and then to a great sighting.

Every now and then we get treated to some or other special moment and one of those days were at Tholo dam where a big bull elephant played around with some lions.

I am sure some of you will agree that it is nice staying out a bit later in the morning and see what is happening at the waterholes. This specific morning we passed Thlou dam later then normal and we found some lions , ellies and rhino at the dam with some general game.

Here’s a few photos of what happened out there:

Hope you guys have a great new year and may all good things come your way in 2012.

Warmest Regards

The Nkurru Team