April newsletter


Hi Everybody,

Hope you also had a great month of April ?

We certainly did from the lodge point of view and from the bush side of things. Well lets start from the lodge side, We haven’t started on big projects yet but have done a few smaller things around camp regarding cleaning and small maintenance tasks that we don’t get to do on a daily basis. The pilots room is finished and Stefan the relief guide are busy moving in , his first week will be  11th of May to 15th of May. The water deviner will come out to the lodge on Friday the 4th of May and if we get a suitable spot we will start drilling the following week, keep your fingers crossed we get good water.  We will have a maintenance week in June where we will do quite a few big projects like Thatch roofs and kitchen counters.

We also had quite a number of visitors at the waterhole:

  • Lion
  • Elephant
  • Buffalo
  • Leopard (4 times during the month )
  • White and black rhino
  • Banded mongoose
  • dwarf mongoose
  • 2 porcupine at the borehole
  • Lots of general game and hyena

One day we did a different game drive and packed a breakfast and went out to the weir in the river and fished for a bit had breakfast and then got lost in the east and bumped into the big pack of wild dogs. Talking about them  both alpha females are highly pregnant so hopefully they will den somewhere where we will have access to the den, that will be great. We also managed to  get a black mamba in the vehicle from under neath, that was a very close call but we managed to get him out safely with no one getting hurt, what can I say it all adds up to the experience

Out in the bush we had great sightings as well, from leopard to the smallest bird. The game drives around vlei pan are probably the most productive so far. Parksboard are off loading round about 4850 animals in the reserve over the next few weeks

Game introductions for this year already allocated to contractors

Species Number Operator Amount (R)
Gemsbuck 50 Mafube Game services 240 000
Impala 400 Mafube Game Services 318 000
Kudu 250 Msweli Industrial Projects 550 000
Kudu 250 Ezemvelo /Buffelspoort Wildlife 575 000
Red Hartebeest 200 Matopi 760 000
Waterbuck 250 Ditjabe Game Services 875 000
Blue Wildebeest 800 Mafube Services 1 560 000
Blue Wildebeest 800 Msweli Industrial Projects 1 488 000
Blue Wildebeest 800 Mpatamacha 1 600 000
Zebra 300 Ezemvelo /Buffelspoort Wildlife 1 350 000
Zebra 300 Ditjabe Game Services 1 350 000
Warthog 250 Mafube Game services 145 000
Ostriches 200 Msweli Industrial Projects 300 000
4850 11 111 000
Lion 2 Specialist Game Services 50 000
Cheetah 8 Specialist Game Services 200 000

I think that is great for Madikwe and probably some of the greatest and exciting news so far.  We are looking forward in seeing you guys at the lodge

Warmest Regards

The Nkurru Team