Nkurru Newsletter-October 2011


Hi everybody,

I trust you are all well ?

We had once again a very interesting month here at Nkurru regarding sightings and just in general. As you all know the building was a bit of a disaster but it was rectified and the old building is broken down and the new building is going up as I write the newsletter. I just want to thank all the shareholders on behalf of myself and Monique and all the staff , they are all looking so forward to the new rooms.

We have done quite a bit in and around the lodge this month

  • the painting of the family unit inside and outside, looks great
  • Painted all showers on the inside
  • Sanded/oiled windows at kitchen
  • The deck lights gets put in next week
  • Fixing up the rim flow of the swimming pool and the pipes next week
  • The main entrance gets a permanent concrete entrance to main lodge no more mud when it rains 🙂
  • All the fireplaces in the rooms were taken out and got given a good scrub down
  • You guys will notice new products for him/her in the rooms
  • All the rooms have new toilet seats, looks great
  • Bush cleared infront of room 4/5 , what  difference
  • New umbrella covers for swimming pool area got made, still waiting delivery
  • There is a new espresso machine in the lodge, old coffee machine will be used for back up

So that is some of the things we got up to this month.

We are taking the staff to Mafikeng 22/23 November for a nice lunch at Mabatho Palms Resort to say thank you for all their hard work during the year.

Ok so enough of lodge matters.

Out in da bush

The game drives this month was out of this world again, even though we are struggling with general game at the moment. We still had quality sightings ,in one week we  had three different good leopard sightings. It definitely has to do with the lion numbers that is on the decrease.

This is the Maukeng male from the North West, we followed him in mid day round about 12:30 and sat with him for more then 15 min.


The next morning we went on another birding trek and I stoppped for I think was a Sabota lark and as we tried to figure out his number plate, someone said softly ” there is a leopard in the marula ” This is the female from the South West that we normally see on the fenceline at the view point.


A few days later we had  her again in a Marula tree after breakfast

It is amazing how one predator influence the whole system. We even see more smaller things at night like african wild cat, caracal and genet. Somebody spotted a white tailed mongoose on Wonderboom the other night, what  a sighting !

Even though the big cats were out we also made time photograph the smaller critters like this slender mongoose. It is amazing what happens when you sit still and let nature just happens around you.

One of the canines everybody asks about when they come to Madikwe is the Wild dogs. We have been seeing them here on the ridge between Kukama, Motswiri , Nkurru ,Tuningi and Buffalo ridge on a regular basis. Zede from Motswiri saw one puppy with them still black so the den has to be here somewhere around us.  We did have good sightings of them as well.

The birding was also very good the last two weeks, when John and Margie Austin were here we did 152 species during their stay which I think is not too bad. The glossy Ibis made his appearance at Tshukkudu dam as well. The rest of the birds including the raptors are all over the show. At Makwepa pan we see a pair of Willow warblers. The black cuckoo shrike can be seen on Greenhouse road in those thickets. Well Id’d Jono 🙂 The lion sightings have been a bit quite but the other things made up for it.

Madikwe had the buffalo auction in October and they auctioned 46 buffalo…………drum role and hold on for this……they made R 58 ooo ooo . Well done on this project ! No one expected this, it went very well.

They are talking about bringing in 2500 heads of general game next year with the Cheetah introduction early next year as well.

I will keep you guys posted. This is me for this month, see you guys soon at the lodge

Warmest Regards

The Nkurru Team