Nkurru Newsletter -July 2011

Hi everyone,

As you are all aware there have been quite a few changes at Nkurru lately. Myself and Monique just finished our first week, and everything went great. The staff are so helpful in all ways and we are settling in smoothly.  The hand over we got from Gerry and Adele was so thorough from the  maintenance to the office work, they really made the hand over easy.

There was a maintenance week the last week of July  before Gerry and Adele left and quite a few things were worked on. Below are some of the major things that were completed :

  • Main lodge decks were sanded and oiled
  • Room 4 and 5 the decks were sanded and oiled
  • New aloes were purchased at Madikwe gardens and replanted in front of the main lodge by he turning circle, it looks great !
  • All the roofs and chimneys of the rooms were given a layer of paint again.

Just an update on our building project, everything is going well and we will start with the roof and plumbing on Thursday. As soon as it doesn’t look like a building site I will put some photos on the blog.On Wednesday we will oil the main lodge’s deck again and get everything ready for Duncan and Eva on Friday.We got our Land rover back from Nico and so far it is running smoothly.

Nkurru waterhole :

The bush clearing at the waterhole is an ongoing project and will keep happening when we have no guests in camp.

The last 2 weeks the water hole have been extremely busy from guinea fowl to the big elephants everyday. The elephants are really emptying the waterhole when they move in and are extremely protective over this source of life. Nothing can come close to the water’s edge. On Sunday we had a young bull there the whole day chasing of all the other species including giraffe. Species seen at the waterhole lately :

  • Elephants
  • Buffalo
  • Giraffe
  • Brown and spotted hyena
  • Leopard, during conservation week
  • Zebra, kudu, impala and wildebeest
  • White rhino , every evening

News from our game drives :

The sightings have been great like always ! Since the South Western pride have been removed our sightings in the South are none existing regarding lions, so we don’t spend as much time in the south as always.

I must say the birding is still excellent down South.

We were fortunate enough to spend quality time with the Maukeng male leopard on Monday morning. He is probably the most relaxed leopard in the Park as most of you have seen him before.

Maukeng Male

Thlou dam is one of the most picturesque places in Madikwe with sunsets at the moment, nothing beats a winter sunset I am sure you will agree with me ? The Wild dogs are still around Tau lodge on the mountain Madonna. We haven’t seen the pups yet, hopefully soon. All we know is that the alpha female stays at the den most of the time so there should be pups. We are extremely blessed to have a yellow morph crimson breasted shrike on the northern fence line and he gives all the birders , serious or none serious, great sightings.

Well that is what’s been happening around Nkurru the last two weeks. We are looking forward in seeing you guys at the lodge. Just to let you all know I am also a keen photographer so don’t forget your camera  🙂 I aslo try and do a regular blog on happenings in Madikwe, go and have look                                                                                                 Grant Marcus Photography


If you guys need any additional info don’t hesitate to contact us at the lodge at any time

See you soon

The Nkurru Family