Nkurru cam – weekly update 9#

Well lets try again, the last update you guys got was on the technical issues due to lions and ellies not thinking much of the Cam. Lets hope this time it will last a bit longer 🙂

The following images were taken on the first night and morning at our waterhole. We will try different angles at the waterhole, but for now it is safe from the ellies….I hope.

I am sure you will agree that it is awesome to get close-up shots of the animals without them even knowing about it. It is quite funny to see the animals reaction on the light when it takes a photo. Some animals react and some just ignore it.

This buffalo was quite curious and really wanted to see what was going on, luckily the taste buds for cameras have not yet been developed in these bovines.

Hope you enjoyed the Nkurru cam update