Nkurru Cam – Weekly Update #8

Hi everybody!

Due to some, umm…, technical delays the Nkurru Cam post was slightly delayed but finally got things sorted out… sort of!

Before we get there a few interesting images form the lodge.  The first three pics were taken in Room 5.  The guest went outside to look at and photograph the stars, which are completely amazing in winter and when he got back inside he saw this…

Nkurru Cam


Nkurru Cam


Nkurru Cam

Yeah, that’s a Small Spotted Genet checking out the bathroom facilities in the room.

The little guy made straight for the door and, I am am happy to report, did not break anything! That is unlike the Vervet Monkey with who we have been at full-on war with over the last few weeks.  Eish…

Other than that I am sure you would have read or heard about Nkurru Plains.  This is our new project on the side which aims to open up the areas around the waterhole.  This is not only a great thing for fire awareness but will allow you and your guests to see animals coming from much further away.  It has been working amazingly well and the first of three phases have been completed.  Check this out…

Nkurru Cam

The area on the right of the waterhole used to be thick thick thick.  Now, we have taken out all the sickle bush, other smaller shrubs and have been left with this.  You can see all the way onto the firebreak and with a bit of help from the ellies we already have a few major game tracks running through Nkurru Plains.  WIll keep you posted as things develop!


Back to Nkurru Cam and out technical difficulties.


Have you heard the one about…  Nah, can’t stall any longer…

This is the short version of the technical difficulties we had the last week…

The ellies ****** up our camera good and proper!!  This is all I could find.

Nkurru Cam


Nkurru Cam

Man… and we had this one hidden deep in the dam wall with the hope that the ellies would not find it.  Apparently an epic fail!

Not sure what the hell they did with the camera but it was in pieces all over the place and when I say pieces I mean pieces.  This is all I could find quite a way form the waterhole.

The amazing thing, trying to take a glass half full attitude, is that the memory card was in this part of the camera and I was able to get all the images of it.  Suffice to say there were a LOT of ellies on the card.  So, I have created a time lapse video (a video of all the images taken by the camera, which shows the activity at the Nkurru Cam waterhole until it’s untimely demise but, and this keeps the theme of technical difficulties going, I cannot get it to upload to YouTube! Tried three different computers and it… just… won’t… work!

Going to keep on trying and will add it to this post as soon as it is done!

So, that brings Nkurru Cam to an end as we have now lost 4 cameras.  The scores are:

  • Lions – 1
  • Elephants – 3
  • Nkurru – 0

So… now what?  Well, for now I will get some images up onto the site every week to keep you up to date as to what is happening at and around the lodge.

If you have any questiosn or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us at the lodge.

Warmest regards,

Gerry van der Walt

* * *