Newsletter-September 2011

The Lodge

Monique and myself are on leave after quite a long cycle and a change in the seasons where our days have become really warm and pleasant. Sean Van der merwe will be freelancing for us, we will start work again on the 6th of October.We had quite an interesting month at Nkurru with Nicolas getting attacked by the honey badgers and luckily he just got a big fright and not a single scratch. I am informing you with great sadness that our resident Small spotted genet died underneath the main deck of the lodge,of what I am not sure.

We are busy with quite a few small projects in and around the lodge and have completed a few maintenance tasks as well. We have completed the Nkurru plains project and it looks fantastic. In front of room 4/5 will be cleared next so that one can see through to the firebreak.

We had a walk through all the rooms and drawn up a list of things that needs attention and we will work through list as we have time and days available to attend to it.  Some of the things that we completed the last 2 weeks :

  • Sanded and oiled all outside furniture at main lodge and rooms
  • Electrical issues in room 1/2 sorted with new fittings and dimmer switches
  • Cleaned out all the water tanks.
  • Trimmed and cleaned out the reed bed.
  • Cleaned up at the staff village
  • Nkurru Plains done.

News on our rifle is that the license and accreditation have been approved now we are just waiting for the white card. We have done something new regarding activities at the lodge and that is getting out an astronomy expert for a presentation on the  Southern sky. His name is Vincent Nettman from Astronomy for the nation. Vincent was brilliant, he brought his telescopes along and we did a drive and he did a presentation out in the bush.

All though it was full moon we were able to see for example Saturn and a few other stars and constellations. After dinner he gave a talk and slideshow presentation. If you guys would like to something like that next time you are up here just let me know well in advance. Vincent suggested that after November is the best time to do stargazing.

Game drives:

We had once again brilliant sightings of everything this month and the waterhole also never disappointed. We spent quite a bit of time around Vlei Pan where the sightings of general game have been out of this world.

The Northwestern pride also provides us with hours of entertainment and fantastic viewing. The consist out of 3 females 8 cubs 2 big males with the old Tshaba female with them as well.  With the cubs getting bigger they are moving more and further every week. The 3rd week of September they were all on a giraffe kill up in the North Western corner of the park and Rob the Jackal man were planning on getting some images of his jackal around the kill, but the youngsters had different ideas for the camera trap.

So it is not just Nkurru Cams that gets eaten by the lions. These cats are quite in tuned with todays technology 🙂 These cubs are really getting big and prviding for them are getting tougher and tougher. The females are really coping well, with the two Kgala males constantly by their side.

Our sighting of the month was of a bird of completely different feathers, we were sitting at Vleischfontein waterhole watching some lions and elephants when this lady showed up on the other side of the fence with her camera clicking away and ignoring us completely, as we are trying to let her know the lions are like 20m. away from her. I can not understand the ignorance of some people , but hey each to its own I suppose. Below is some of the images I took this month.

Hope you enjoyed this months news and see you soon at the lodge.


The Nkurru Family