New addition to the Family

It’s been a very wet evening and morning here at Nkurru. It started raining last night just before 0:00 and it is now 10:30 and still raining. This rain is so welcome and everything will change rapidly in the next few days. Monique and myself finally got the opportunity to add this little gem to our family. She is a miniature Jack Russell named Bella. She arrived on Wednesday afternoon.

She is 7 weeks old and very tiny. You guys will definitely get to meet her next time you are at the lodge. For those who we won’t see over Christmas and New year  , have a great time and travel safely if you are going anywhere.

I also just want to thank Asher and Duncan who organized our rifle and brought it to the lodge last week. So the headache of waiting for the license is over.

Warmest Regards

Grant, Monique and the Nkurru Team