August – Nkurru Newsletter

Lodge news

Well its been 4 busy weeks at Nkurru, but all great and exciting. We have settled in getting around lots of things. The two klipspringer in camp had a baby so they are three now. Their names are Klippies -Dad, Coke-Mom Ys-baby. As soon as I get a photo of them I will put it on the site.  We have changed all the products in the rooms to Andrew’s new Beauty Factory products the Earthbound Range. These products are fantastic….and yes I have used some of it as well 🙂 Thank you Andrew.

We have started cleaning up in the back of the staff village and laundry, looking great so far. It is a great time of the year but we all wish the Tamboti trees will finish up dropping there leaves, Nick is permanently on his rake and broom flying around after the leaves. We haven’t put up another Nkurru cam yet, still working on a plan against the elephants. News from the Kitchen, Monique and Gabriel are working magic so be prepared to pick up a few kilos when you are at the lodge next time.

Water hole sightings :

  • Lions
  • Elephants
  • Buffalo
  • White and black rhino
  • Leopard
  • Brown hyaena/ spotted hyena
  • a lot of general game
  • The scops owl is calling around the waterhole every night.

We had a big Birthday bash at the lodge on the weekend of the 20th of August, went for breakfast at Madikwe Gardens and had a spit on the fire. For Simon’s birthday we Notched 4 rhino, 3 white and one black. It is great that more people get involved in the conservation and protection of these animals.

Park and Game drive news

It is that time of the year again, FIRE, FIRE AND MORE FIRES ! On the 27th of August myself, Nic and Godfrey help fighting fires in the South East of the Park started at 22:30 till 13:30 the next day. It was the biggest man made back burn in the history of Madikwe. It is amazing how quickly a fire can spread. Luckily no one got hurt and no lodges got burnt down.

The sightings the last while were fantastic and the lions in the South East with the new cubs made sure we had great experiences.

It is great seeing the cubs and the fact that they are all ready so use to the vehicles makes it special for us. They are only 2 months old now. The Madikwe buffalo auction will also be taking place in the park somewhere in October 2011.  The big herd around Thlou dam are hanging around The bush house and Thlou dam currently.

The females of the South East around Vlei Pan, the Jamala females have introduced the cubs to their fathers the  Naledi males and everything went well.  It is such a tense moment for the females when they do introduce them , but these two boys are so chilled out. The plan for the cheetah introduction might happen next year, Declan said. Well this our story for this month, below is a few images of some of the sightings we had:



It is great to be on the vehicle with people who shares the same passion of photography. We can try different things like shoot right into the sun and the results were great. Hope you enjoyed the Nkurru news

See you next time

Warmest Regards

The Nkurru Family