February 2010 – Nkurru Newsletter


Adele and I had the most fantastic holiday in Bangkok (of which you can see a few images here and here) followed by some time in Johannesburg and a photo shoot in the Drakensberg.  It was a great break away from the lodge and the first proper break in quite some time.

Since returning from our holiday we have been busy with CapEx, budgets and maintenance and, on a personal note, we were very impressed by the way the staff took care of the lodge.  As with any lodge there is always a few maintenance related matters that need ongoing supervision and work but all in all things went pretty well during our absence.

With the AGM coming up on 23 February we are busy with all the numbers and proposed projects so will be looking at all of these in a lot more details in the next Newsletter.  For now, here are some images from the last two weeks at Nkurru.  The sightings have been amazing and the photographic opportunities even better!

This must be one of the highlights since getting back from holiday.  We were sitting watching the Kgala males and Mika pride close to Vleisfontein on a giraffe kill when suddenly the one male took issue with his brother.  Over in a few seconds the intensity was awesome.  For more images of this sighting click here.

We have had loads and loads of lions and wild dogs while the scavengers around the many kills have been making for great sighting!  Here are a few more images taken on drive during the last two weeks.

With the annual shareholders meeting coming up we will see you all in 23 February 2010 where we will discuss various lodge related matters including CapEx and details on the 2010 World Cup.

Oh, almost forgot.  Even though their system is down and they could not yet fax or email our certificate to us yet, but Nkurru’s accreditation to use a firearm for business purposes has been awarded.  We got the phone call on Friday!  Yes, after almost 8 months of phone calls, trips to Pretoria and sense of humor failure our accreditation has at last been finalized.  As soon as the Firearm department’s system is back up and running and we receive our accreditaiton certificate we can now complete the final step of licensing the rifle.  Will keep you posted but FINALLY things have started falling into place!

Look forward to seeing you at the meeting on 23 February, alternatively when you next visit Nkurru.

Warmest regards,

Gerry, Adele & the Nkurru Team