2010 Maintenance Week


We have just gotten back from a two week break and now it’s that time of the year again – maintenance week!

Maintenance Week at Nkurru

The May newsletter got lost somewhere in between finalizing the lodge rifle documents, trying to sell our game viewer and going on leave but don’t worry, the next edition will be up during the next week.  In the newsletter we will have some wildlife updates, staff updates and other interesting stories but for now, here is a quick update of a few maintenance related matters and a list of some of the projects we are currently busy with.

If you are desperate for some wildlife news and updates you can check out a recent blog post I did on the Nkurru Conservation Week that took place at the beginning of May.  Along with Jono and his mates, we had a great time catching lions, notching rhino and chasing Wild Dogs.  You can check out the post on Photo-Africa by clicking here.

For now, back to lodge maintenance matters.

World Cup

By now you will probably know that Nkurru will not be operating as a commercial lodge during the World Cup.  As per the email we circulated we did not have any bookings so we decided to, rather than have to deal with last minute bookings, run things as per normal and let shareholders use their allocated weeks.  Even now, many of the commercial lodges are not even close to full for the World Cup so we are quite happy with our decision.  More updates on this, and the CapEx projects that will be affected at a later stage.

Nkurru Rifle

We finally received the last documents from the Firearms department and three weeks ago we handed in our rifle license application in to the police so now we just wait.  Everything from our side has now been done so next step, all going well, would be to collect our license and then our rifle that has been waiting for us in JHB for almost a year now.  Almost there…

New Game Viewer

Some things in life are difficult others are impossible.  Apparently selling a Land over game viewer falls in the second category.  We are having some serious issues with finding a decent trade in price for our game viewer which is imperative for us to  meet our budget.  We have already arranged for the conversion on the new Land Cruiser, which is bloody amazing, but… yeah.  But….If any of you have ANY contacts who might be able to help us in selling our current vehicle please let us know!

Maintenance Week

We planned this maintenance week a few months ago and guess what… it’s raining!  Yeah, it’s winter, cold and it’s raining!  The two big projects that are being affected by the weather is the combing / patching of the roofs and the sanding of the decks.  We have been pushing through and hopefully the weather will clear from later today so that we can complete all the roofs and decks.  Projects for maintenance week include:

– Patching and combing of all thatch roofs
– Sanding and treating of all wooden decks
– Clearing of sickle bush out of lodge grounds
– Build a leadwood railing around the outside lounge area
– Cleaning up and thinning of reed bed
– Full clean and repack of laundry
– Full clean and repack of kitchen

Weather depending there are a number of other projects we are also hoping to finish but we will give updates next week.

Right, time to get going.  It’s Monday morning, it’s cold and wet and we have a lot of maintenance to do.

Check back next week for the monthly newsletter!

Warmest regards,

Gerry, Adele & the Nkurru Team