Wildlife Update


Since the last newsletter there has been some interesting wildlife news.

Probably one of the most exciting is this…

Image by Grant Marcus

Image by Grant Marcus

The above image, taken by Grant Marcus from Tuningi, shows the Tshabalala females with brand new youngsters.  The above images were taken just east of the Western Airstrip a week ago.  The five new youngsters have been named the ‘Maropeng’ youngsters which means ‘place of origin’.  Gonna be great to keep an eye on these youngsters and see how they grow up.  Incidentally, the Tshabalala female was one of the two females that made a surprise visit to the inside of the lodge a few months ago! 🙂  Also, when you next see Grant on the road make sure to thank him for these pics and you can also check out more of his work on Photo-Africa by clicking here.

Other news includes:

  • Leopard – A large male leopard was recently found dead close to Buffalo Ridge.  The cat’s jaw was broken which must have been the reason for his death.  More info as we receive it.
  • Wild Dog – The dogs have been hanging around on the ridge around the Wonderboom Node.  Yesterday we left the pack at Royal Madikwe’s waterhole where one of the dogs as visibly in pretty bad shape and liming quit badly.  Subsequently we heard that elephants moved into the area, chased the dogs all over the place and ultimately killed the injured dog who could not move away.  More info as we receive it.
  • Elephants – They have been missing the last few days but will no doubt be back.
  • Buffalo – The big herd has been moving around in the south and sightings has been pretty scarce.

With temperatures soaring to well over 30 degrees, today the mercury is rising to 35 degrees!, and the occasional thundershowers summer is in full swing!

I will be posting some more images on this blog and on Photo-Africa soon.

We are still waiting for some feedback on the Nkurru 2010 mater mentioned in the latest newsletters so please send your thoughts through to the lodge email address.  Also, if you would like to order a copy of Gerry’s book please let us know as will be placing orders towards the end of the week.

More soon.

Gerry, Adele & the Nkurru Team