Tshola Mateya Update


Shot this image this morning.


Mateya doing well up North.


Oct 6 2009 @ 08:30

Since the Tshola Mateya coalition started featuring in the lodge newsletters many people have asked about them and they seem to have developed quite a following.  Here is the latest update.

They went off the grid for a few days but this morning they popped up way North in the park – almost at Maokeng Pan.

Since being kicked out of the South by the Kgala males the two big guys spent a bit of time on the ridge close to the lodge but now a whole new development is taking place.

Where are the Sereti males who used to hang around in the North?  Will they stand up to the Tshola Mateya coalition?  Will the Tshola Mateya coalition be setting up territory in the North?

Will keep you updated as things develop but at least it is good to see that Mateya is still going (relatively) strong even with his wonky back leg!

Oh, also posted a new Photo of the Day on Photo-Africa.

More soon.

Gerry, Adele & the Nkurru Team