Reed Bed Update

A quick update on the ‘beautification’ of the reed bed. If you have been to the lodge during the last few weeks you would have seen the completed reed bed.  The bird life is already moving in and we have had Grey Herons, Hamerkop and Comb Ducks paying us a visit during the last few days.  The one small concern was the cement walls of the reed bed that was still showing.  Well, we finally got the time to  do a bit of work around the reed bad and it looks great!


The Reed Bed as seen from the Boma

We used a combination of rocks, shrubs and old leadwood stumps to hide away the cement walls and the difference is phenomenal.  In a few weeks when the grasses and shrubs start to shoot up from the rain, which we are still waiting for, the reed bed will melt into the environment completely.  Fantastic addition.

More soon.

Gerry, Adele & the Nkurru Team