Cuckoos, Grass and Brakes

The cuckoos have arrived.

Yesterday morning a Jacobin Cuckoo stopped in for a drink at the reed bed and during the last few days we could hear the repetitive ‘huee-jee’ or ‘mei-tjie’ of the Klass’s Cuckoo.  Even the Red Chested Cuckoo with it’s famous ‘piet-my-vrou’ call is being heard all over the place.  Yeah, summer is now officially here!


Hard at work...

Been quite a long week with a quick trip to Johannesburg in the mix.  Had to get to JHB to get urgent maintenance parts for the vehicle.  The brakes failed last weekend.  Yes, no brakes.  More on this later but short version is that we were able to get the necassary parts and everything seems to be working fine again.  For now…

This week also saw quite a bit of maintenance being done around the lodge and in between this Adele and I took a day to focus on our garden.  We planted grass, redid the garden (which needed some serious attention) so now we wait for some rain to have everything settle in.  With the help of Godfrey, Nik and a few casuals we got everything done in a day.

The biggest problem we have now is that Rocky and Ziggy are so excited about their new lawn that, after throughly inspecting it, are ripping it all up as the run around in circles again and again and again…


Inspecting the grass...

We will be going on leave next week but the monthly newsletter will still be posted towards the end of the month.  Make sure to check back often for updates from the lodge.  One more quick pic.  I am still hoping to find time to do a full shoot around the lodge which will include rooms, exteriors and the main lodge but for now just the occasional grab shot.


Sunset from Boma

More soon.

Gerry, Adele & the Nkurru Team